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Manon Leloup (in) Model’s Street Style

After Elie Saab Spring 2013… Manon is the very last model I photographed this past season, and she happens to be one of the sweetest new faces too. If one new model touched my heart this round, it would be Manon. I have many stories to share about her, but I will share the moment right after this image for now.

After stopping for photos for everyone after Elie Saab - the last major show of Paris Fashion Week, Manon told me goodbye with a sad face. Personally, I always feel horrible whenever I see a girl sporting a frown, so of course, I asked her what was wrong… And she told me that she was sad that fashion week was over! Newbie fever? =)

Wow! In the 5 seasons that I have covered fashion week, I have never heard a model tell me that she was sad that a whole month of crazy torture was over - not even the top models who are direct books and do not have to go through castings.

Haha! I love fashion week, and I try to cover every season in at least 1 city since 2010 - all out of my own pocket - so that I get to cheer on the models and take pictures that I love taking. It is very fun to me. It’s no secret that I enjoy fashion week! I look forward every season to the craziness of the hunt and meeting up with my photographer and fashion week friends from around the world to shoot the modeling darlings that we adore. Plus, from my own personal experiences, I always get the chance to shoot the sweetest, kindest, and most beautiful girls on Earth. Thus, fashion week is always a blessing for me. =)

Consequently, when Manon said all that, my heart was stolen! She is a keeper and super adorable! I’m so surprised that she was not tired and fed up after walking 15 shows in Paris and a total of 32 shows overall. She was always smiling, happy, and full of life whenever I spotted her. I must say this kind of attitude from a new face is unbelievable and refreshing! Most models love to model when it comes to photo shoots — however, most models do not enjoy fashion week at all. They participate to stay relevant and on the radar.

To be honest, I understand and agree from a model’s perspective that fashion month is not enjoyable. It is torture, and I feel so bad for the girls every season as I witness with my own eyes the sadness and torture that are included with fashion week. Think attending castings with hundreds of other girls and feeling like meat at a market, casting directors and taste makers calling you ugly or fat, 6 A.M. call times, dirty and rough hands touching your face and pulling viciously on your hair, creeps and perverts lurking around the shows, backstage people and security being rude and treating you like a stereotypical dumb model, photographers backstage and in the streets who won’t give you just 5 minutes to yourself during a smoke break, no sleep for a whole month, fittings at 10 p.m., no time to eat or sleep, having to be in 3-5 different places that are all far from each other within 1 hour, being away from your family, friends, and significant other, etc… Fashion week on the model’s side is not so fun. It can be very rewarding in the end when a girl has a great runway season walking for top shows and then later on booking major campaigns. However, for more than half of the girls that walk, the story is very, very, very far from being that brilliant.

Anyway, I love what I do so it was very nice to see a model - who has not yet been jaded by this cruel industry and world - enjoy working during the madness that is fashion week. Cheers and cap off to you Manon! <3

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